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History and Pedigree


Accoda Technologies Ltd. is a designer, manufacturer, supplier and maintainer of a comprehensive range of communications networking products.

Based in Cheshire, United Kingdom (UK) we innovate in technology and this culture is taken very seriously by all our employees.

Accoda (Rail) Ltd. is a sister company to Accoda Technologies Ltd. and was formed in 2003 to supply, service  and work with railway organisations around the globe. It is also a maintainer of communications networking products for signalling and other systems worldwide and is also based in Cheshire, United Kingdom (UK).

We are proud of our heritage.

Originally formed in 1996 Accoda Ltd. specialised in ISDN products and particularly backup and reliability systems. However, the acquisition of Fivemere Ltd. in 1999 and its subsequent integration into Accoda Technologies Ltd. in 2006, further enhanced its capabilities to provide seamless and reliable solutions. KBU64, probably the most well known Fivemere product, has now shipped over 18,000 units worldwide.

Two more recent and now very successful products, are AIEM (Accoda Integrated Element Manager) and ADU2048.

AIEM, originally developed to manage our own products, has been enhanced to control and report on a wide range of peripheral network devices.

ADU2048 is a range of ultra-reliable Analogue-Digital-Analogue transmission products, designed to substantially extend the life of real time industrial users who require the highest standards of reliability and operation of railway signalling and other equipment. This has proved to be of particular benefit to the United Kingdom rail network.

Operating globally, Accoda Technologies designs and owns most of its Intellectual Property (IPR). This ensures customers receive the best possible attention and service levels at all times.

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A comprehensive range of communications products designed for and supplied to our customers.


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